I wouldn’t date to begin a fresh relationship but to meet fresh people, widen my world and going out some more, would be nice instead of staying at huis too much.

After another breakup ter my interesting life, I’m wondering. When to commence dating again? And where to go anyway?

depends when you are ready again, readiness is different for every individual, your criteria I mean. Just love your moments alone for the meantime. It could be joy.

I will love my time alone for a while. Read More

Is it possible to date with no strings affixed?

I have noticed that studs seem to have no problem dating numerous women at one time. This is accepted by society far more than if a women dates numerous studs.

it depends on the doll. some women can, some rather would want to be with one boy. same with guys. however, if thats what your looking for, then all i can tell you is that spil long spil you let the stud know early on ter the relationship that you want an open relationship where you can date other people while dating him. Read More