Then there are the “gay couples”, and “lesbian couples.” Gay ter its modern sense typically refers to dudes (lezzie being the standard term for sodomita women), but te some contexts it can be used for both studs and women.


I wrote this hub ter an attempt to explore words associated with love, hook-up, and relationships and round them up te this hub with their meanings. I know that there are some words here that some of you may have never hear of before. Some them are demonstrable but others are strange. Read More

It’s something else however when somebody is clearly attacking you.

Wow! I honestly feel compelled to write this postbode and save you a lotsbestemming of agony!

Why am I so compelled? While researching for the topic, I read so much misinformation on the web about how to let a friend know you are into hier. The worst is, I have followed this dating advice te the past, crashed and burned! Read More

When she’s down to a handful of picks she attempts to wire hier friends into providing their opinion which one looks best.

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I just don’t get it.

Albeit watching the world’s dating rituals has brought mij endless hours of entertainment I can’t say I get it. It seems like too much work to mij, with too little chance of success. Read More