He wasgoed now undertaking the financing of and independent movie for mistress Edén.

Joe Kennedy

Joe Kennedy wasgoed a Harvard graduate who began his career te finance, eventually amassing a fortune ter the stock market and eventually investing mostly ter existente estate. Joe became a bootlegger during prohibition and at the its repeal, Kennedy and FDR’s son James Roosevelt, traveled to Scotland to buy distribution rights for the distribution of Scotch whiskey. Read More

He hasn’t celebrated your style and uniqueness, he hasn’t paid his way, he hasn’t planned for your future spil a married duo, he hasn’t shown you any symbol of marriage.

Dear Veronica,

He’s Not Your Knight Te Shining Armor

Dear Gabriella,

If you’ve bot reading any of my Hubs, you know that I believe when it comes to boys, deeds speak louder than words. His words may have asked you to marry him, but his deeds don’t.

Your note exposes a long history of frustration. Read More