More womanish guys will likely let you take manly roles, and be ok with it because they are taking the woman role at times.

Zekering The Clingy Behavior via Text Messages

  1. Do not reply to his texts so quickly, but don’t overlook him for days either. There is a clear difference inbetween leaving some space inbetween him and you and overlooking him until he gets a feeling you don’t like him anymore.
  2. Make sure you are not always initiating communication. Wait for him to text very first most of the time.
  3. Don’t be available every time he calls, or asks what you are doing, and don’t accept any late night visits.
  4. When you text him, see what you say and don’t seem so forward and needy. If you feel like you can’t help it, don’t text!
  5. If you are feeling you need attention from him, find something else to do and waterput down that phone. See some TV, or read a book. Spending time with friends is a excellent way to spend less time worrying about him attempting to get te touch with you.

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