Is it possible to date with no strings affixed?

I have noticed that studs seem to have no problem dating numerous women at one time. This is accepted by society far more than if a women dates numerous studs.

it depends on the doll. some women can, some rather would want to be with one boy. same with guys. however, if thats what your looking for, then all i can tell you is that spil long spil you let the stud know early on ter the relationship that you want an open relationship where you can date other people while dating him. otherwise, if you don’t tell him, then it could lead to a lotsbestemming of trouble.

studs and women usually play the field, it depends on what you say or do when you date

Sure it’s possible, but it becomes more difficult overheen time when one or the other develops stronger feelings, and the green eyed monster of jealousy rears it’s ugly head.

Amen to that. You think it’s hard to keep one woman blessed (with everything outside of the bedroom), attempt doing that with multilpe women. And then attempting to keep them all separate is a entire other thing. Even when they know about each other, there is still always a pissing match of jealousy when they run into each other. Just to prove that one is better than the other.

There is way too much stress involved ter that entire thing.

I have to agree with the pissing match mostly and jealousy is wicked among women, cat fights should be avoided, but blood thanks, now I have to piss

Anytime, I’m here to help!

Totally agree. Its way too much work. So much is made of the masculine ego, however I find that women can be just spil prone to jealousy.

it depends on what that woman wants. speaking for myself personally, i have never truly wished a committed relationship. if i meet the man i want to be special with and he desires the same, then i’ll be committed but not until then.

I think it’s effortless.

It all depends on what you do on that date.

and what can you do on a . DATE?

Sharing a common rente?

I generally choose not to date more than one person at a time, but that doesn’t mean I am committed or even ter what I would call a relationship with that person. I’ve dated people that I knew were watching other people, and wasgoed totally ok with it. Dating ter those cases wasgoed a bit of joy for a lonely lady, and not meant to get serious, because I wasn’t ready to be serious.

my dearest way – the most joy and daring not boring

When I’m dating someone, I usually don’t permit myself to be open to dating others. But that’s just mij, and I’ve bot te relationships of many varying degrees of seriousness. I’ve dated women whom I’ve had not very much rente ter who have gotten fastened to mij far too quickly and I’ve dated women whom I’ve gotten very serious with after getting the entire ‘let’s make sure wij don’t get serious lecture’. All te all, being romantically involved with more than one woman at a time is a little too awkward for mij, considering my fiercely fair nature.

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