How to breakup with your beau: Nice way to dump a stud and still be friends How to breakup with your bf?

How to breakup with your bf? Are there nice ways to dump a dude and still remain friends with him? Should I breakup on Facebook or by email? Will it be lighter if I just send him a text message or call him? It is a misconception that you and your bf will become the worst of enemies after you dump him. There is no running away from hurting him and cracking his heart, but you can reduce the agony and the gargle to his self-confidence if you pauze up maturely.

1) Give your relationship one last chance: Tell you bf your concerns

Give your relationship one last chance just for the sake of all the time and love you have waterput into it. Concentrate and find answers to thesis questions.

  • What is wrong with the relationship?
  • What can your beau do to fix the problems?

Don’t keep your plans to pauze up a finish secret from your bf. Talk to your beau and tell him honestly that you have reached your violating point. Make it clear that you see a future of the relationship only if the issues are sorted out.

Two) Prepare yourself for the breakup: Make sure it is certainly what you want

You will never be able to end your relationship on a friendly note if you are unassured of how you want to proceed. You should be sure that you want to breakup with your man. Dumping him will have a loterijlot of emotional and social consequences including the following.

  • You will lose out on a relationship that you nurtured
  • He may stir on instantly and find a fresh gf
  • Your relationships with mutual friends will be affected and some of your common friends will embark overlooking you
  • He could say bad things about you behind your back

Be a hundred vanaf cent sure that a breakup is what you want. Having 2nd thoughts after you breakup with him will waterput you te a traumatic and an emotional whirlpool.

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