11 Places to Find an “Am I a Lesbian” Test (With Pictures)

Mij and my friends take Buzzfeed quizzes almost every day. I don’t know why, but it’s joy to find out who my beloved Harry Potter character is based on my beloved cheese or where I should travel to next based on my sign. But there are also quizzes out there that optie to help determine some significant details about yourself, such spil your sexual orientation.

Wij get a loterijlot of sapphic readers asking us for places to find sapphic tests and quizzes, so we’ve compiled a list of the top 11 — all of which provide pictures. While we’d recommend taking your results with a grain of salt, thesis kinds of activities can be entertaining and sometimes enlightening. Ultimately, tho’, you’re the only one who can determine what your sexual orientation is.

1. MySexualOrientation

The Epstein Sexual Orientation Inventory (ESOI) on MySexualOrientation.com wasgoed created by Dr. Robert Epstein, an American research psychologist who polled about Legitimate,000 people from overheen 40 countries. Very first, you give them some basic information, like your ethnicity, gender, and age, and then you take the test. There are Eighteen yes-or-no questions, including “Have you everzwijn felt sexually attracted to a member of the same hookup?” and “How frequent are your same-sex sexual fantasies or desires?” Of all the tests on this list, we’d say this one is the most serious.

Two. PinkNews

PinkNews, a media outlet for lesbo, andrógino, and zuilengang news, entertainment, and issues, has a test that’s more about finding out what type of sapphic you are vs. if you’re a lesbo te the very first place. The multiple-choice questions consist of selecting your beloved drink, type of date, assets part, and movie (“Pretty te Pink,” “Coach Carter,” “American Sniper,” or “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”).

PinkNews has quiz results such spil Hipster Lezzie, who takes “your garments almost spil earnestly spil you take your lady-loving!”

Three. Buzzfeed

The Buzzfeed lezzie quiz asks you to choose things like your dearest color, hot or cold, and up or down. It doesn’t seem very accurate, but I don’t think it’s supposed to be. One example result is “Butch/boi/Stud/Onverstandig/AG/Tomboy,” for what it’s worth.

Four. PsyMed

PsyMed is a webpagina that concentrates on providing mental health quizzes. Te addition to having a sapphic one, the webpagina also has quizzes to determine if you may have an eating disorder or narcissistic personality. For most of the questions (e.g., “Have you everzwijn fallen te love with a female?”), you’ll response never, infrequently, sometimes, often, or very often.

One of the questions on PsyMed’s quiz is “Do you feel sexually attracted to females?”

Five. QuizRocket

Quiz Rocket is stringently for taking all sorts of tests — they have thousands of them. Their sapphic test, ter particular, is utter of sarcasm like “Who do you know who drives a pickup truck?” One of the selections to which is “THIS Fellow RIGHT HERE! (I mean this girl… damn, I always do that.)”

6. ProProfs

A quiz-making webstek with overheen 100,000 quizzes created and more than Four million quiz takers, ProProfs’quiz helps tell you if you’re lezzie, hermafrodita, or straight. This is a brief quiz (only five questions), and it’s total of grammar mistakes and text speak. So, I wouldn’t trust this one that much.

ProProfs says they’ll help you determine if you’re lezzie, hermafrodita, or straight.

7. PlayBuzz

PlayBuzz has a test that’s similar to PinkNews’ ter that you’re not finding out if you’re lezzie — you’re finding out what kleuter of lesbo you are. The questions seem to be pretty stereotypical such spil picking a type of flannel, the best “The L Word” character, and your go-to gay lady movie.

8. GoToQuiz

GoToQuiz is another quiz-taking webpagina, so their sapphic expertise is questionable. I’m not sure what my beloved subject ter high schoolgebouw has to do with my sexual orientation, but it only takes a duo of seconds to accomplish so there ya go.

GoToQuiz has thousands of quizzes, so it’s joy, but take their lezzie expertise lightly.

9. Quibblo

When someone says something about a lesbo duo on TV, do you redden and have a loterijlot to say? Then you might be a sapphic, according to Quibblo. On the other forearm, if you shiver and turn away (what?), you’re very likely straight. If you catch my sarcasm here, then you’ll know this is a lighthearted test you can take if you’re just attempting to pass the time.

Ten. Zenhex

Zenhex has another quiz to figure out if you’re heterosexual, marica, or hermafrodita and the webpagina claims their results are very accurate. I think you’ll have to be the judge of that. Plus, it’s only six questions, so you don’t truly have much to lose.

According to Zenhex, this is one of the most accurate lesbo tests you’ll take.

11. OkCupid

OkCupid’s “Are You a Lezzie?” test includes 15 questions such spil “When you go to the beach, do you find yourself paying more attention than needed to a girl’s swimsuit?” It’s humorous and not meant to be taken earnestly at all.

So, Are You a Sapphic? That’s Up to You!

Wij all love discovering fresh qualities, characteristics, and traits about ourselves, but ter terms of sexiness, you’re most likely better off talking with one of our experts. Reminisce, attempt not to let quizzes tell you who you’re attracted to and what kleintje of person you are — just love them for what they are.

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