She calls up Freddie now and then, inviting him overheen for refrigerio or otherwise just to string up out and improve relationship scores.

Christine National moves on from hier failures ter dating Travis Scott. She remains friends with him, and they get to know each other overheen the course of many days spil Christine works on hier career. She determines that if she’s going to be a secret smeris, she indeed should work out a bit, so she goes to the gym. It’s there that she sees a rather beautiful man named Freddie Holman working out on a weight machine.

Since Freddie is working out anyway, Christine determines to begin exercising at a nearby weight machine spil well. Because Sims can speak to each other while doing almost any other activity, she starts conversing with him while they’re both pumping metal. She uses hier Certain Emotion to learn that he’s single.

Christine remembers hier learned lessons. Rather than instantaneously hitting on Freddie, she just converses with him pleasurably. The best weapon at hier disposition is the Friendly. &gt, Get To Know interaction, since that will expose his Traits. At worst, it will help to see whether they are incompatible. At best, maybe Freddie is a Geek too, permitting for Christine to steer hier conversation topics a certain direction.

Luck isn’t on hier side, but it doesn’t matter. Christine resumes to speak pleasurably, sneaking te a geflirt here and there, but ultimately keeps everything friendly for now. She also chooses to share a story of hier urinating hier pants, which is weird, but evidently Freddie and another Sim are into it. Whatever it takes to get those relationship meters high.

It’s not the best progress, but it is progress.


The days pass spil Christine lives hier life. She calls up Freddie now and then, inviting him overheen for refrigerio or otherwise just to drape out and improve relationship scores. Again, other than the occasional geflirt, she keeps things virginal and concentrates on improving the friendship score for now. It’s only when it’s close to 50% and they’re officially friends when Christine determines to step up hier spel. Now that she knows Freddie is decently compatible, she determines it’s time they attempt to have a auténtico date.

Sims don’t exist te a vacuum of informality, a date is not just an informal name given to a string up out inbetween romantic interests. Christine opens hier Relationships Panel, clicks on Freddie’s picture, then chooses “Ask on Date. ” She is taken to the ordner, where she selects the park spil the venue. Freddie is receptive, so they both instantly teleport to the park.

The date starts, and this is a formal event. An objective list emerges along the left edge of the screen, along with a horizontal peettante that displays the “score” ter three levels: bronze, silver, and gold. Spil the date starts, no medals are there yet, but at least Christine can see the objectives.

The main objective, the one responsible for the majority of the score, is to socialize with hier date 20 times. This is much lighter than it may sound, given that you have many hours to accomplish this. The time limit is shown to the right of the score caf, and you can click it to end the date early. Christine has no plans to do that, so she sits down with Freddie to talk. This fulfills one of the minor objectives ter the process.

When a minor objective is fulfilled, it vanishes off the list and is substituted with another, until the social event is out of objectives. You generally voorwaarde fulfill the main objectives and all but one minor objectives ter order to achieve a gold level. Getting the gold does not confer any onmiddellijk relationship bonuses, but it does give your household free items. Plus, the objectives steer you ter the onberispelijk direction to maximize your gains for the event anyway (ter this case romantic relationship scores).

Christine performs admirably, achieving gold level before even getting halfway to the time limit. She spends the surplus of the date aggressively using romantic-type interactions, which are going overheen superb. She took the relationship slow enough that, merienda she commenced ter with the romance, Freddie wasgoed receptive to it. By the time the date is overheen, Christine uses the Romance. &gt, Ask To Be Bf guideline. Odd grammar usage aside, Freddie accepted it, and they are officially an voorwerp.

That’s a very high romantic relationship score! Freddie automatically leaves after the date concludes, but Christine hears wedding bells te hier head.

Here, Christine makes another mistake. Rather than capitalize on the high relationship score, she just assumes everything is fine and doesn’t even call Freddie for a week. It seems that merienda a high level is achieved, the decay slows down a bit, but providing Freddie the cold shoulder (especially after a hot date) totally gives the wrong message.

It doesn’t matter how close any two Sims seem, whether just platonically or romantically, those relationships do decay. It’s difficult for any Sim who has a career to maintain more than a duo very close friendships. It’s possible to maintain many minor friendships, but major ones need attention often.

By the time Christine eventually gets around to calling up Freddie again, she’s lost a loterijlot of progress, spil you can see below.

The romantic relationship peettante will always decay swifter than the platonic one, which mimics reality: two Sims who are hot-and-heavy for a night won’t last long together if they have nothing to talk about. Conversely, it’s also swifter to raise, and however Christine has hier work cut out for hier, she’s up to the challenge.

After a duo days spent together, Christine remembers that she had the most success with an contemporáneo date. She wants a more intimate setting however, so she opens hier Relationships Panel, clicks Freddie’s picture, then selects “Ask on Date. ” She’s taken to the schrijfmap screen, but this time, she chooses hier huis lotsbestemming. Because Freddie accepts, the ordner closes, Christine doesn’t stir, and Freddie is instantly teleported to the vuurlijn of hier lotsbestemming.

The date goes smashingly, especially since they determine to Woo Hoo. At the end of the date, their romantic relationship score is sky-high, and their platonic score isn’t far behind. Christine, being a little non-traditional, determines to make an fair man out of Freddie by proposing. She uses the Romantic. &gt, Propose social interaction, and a stadionring magically emerges out of the aether.

Freddie accepts! Both get a gigantic boost of relationship points, and they are officially engaged. There is no reason for this to be a long engagement.

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