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Springbank distillery information

On the southern part of the peninsula of Kintyre, wij find the Springbank distillery ter the city (and whisky region) of Campbeltown. Founded by John and William Mitchell ter 1828 on the webpagina of an illicit still (ran by Archibald Mitchell), the distillery prides itself on using traditional methods across its production process, with every step of the whisky production (malting, distilling, bottling and maturing) taking place on-site, and the whisky is non-chill filtered and without any caramel addition.

The washbacks at the Springbank distillery te Campbeltown

No less than three different brands of whisky are produced at the distillery: Springbank, Longrow, and Hazelburn. They are all produced ter the same stills, but using different distillation cycles.

  • Named after a now defunct distillery, Longrowuses the regular two-distillation cycle, where the wash is distilled te the wash still, followed by a 2nd round that sees the low wines distilled further ter the spirit still. It is also powerfully peated.
  • The oldest of the brands produced at the distillery,Springbankhas perhaps the most nosey distillation cycle, spil it’s distilled Two.Five times. This means that some of the low wines from the very first distillation are collected and again distilled with the feints. Thus, part of the end product has bot distilled twice, others Three times, causing it to be called a Two.Five time distillation cycle. It is lightly peated. Springbank has bot known for experimenting with different types of casks.
  • Eventually, Hazelburn, which like Longrow, is named after a former distillery, uses a triple-distillation process, and is non-peated.

The distillery is ter the mitts of an independent family, rather than wielded by a major whisky corporation. It is, ter fact, wielded by descendants of the same Mitchell family that founded it all those years ago, making it the oldest independently wielded distillery ter Scotland.

The Stillroom at Springbank ter Campbeltown

Springbank Whisky


  • Ten Year Old, matured ter Bourbon and Sherry casks
  • 12 Year Old, Calvados wood finish
  • 12 Year Old, Cask strength
  • 15 Year Old, matured only te Sherry casks
  • Legitimate Year Old, like the Ten Year Old, matured te Bourbon and Sherry casks
  • Springbank CV. A no age statement whisky, which has matured te a multitude of different cask types and sizes


  • Longrow, A no age statement whisky, matured te a combination of Sherry and Bourbon casks.
  • 14 Year Old, matured ter Sherry casks
  • Legal Year Old


  • 8 Year Old, matured ter a combination of Bourbon and Sherry casks
  • 12 Year Old, matured te Sherry casks
  • Hazelburn CV. A no age statement whisky, matured te a combination of Bourbon and Sherry casks

The distillery also sells blended whiskies from their own produce:

  • Campbeltown Loch. Aged for Five years, this is a blend of Springbank and Longrow.
  • Mitchell’s Glengyle (a reference to the Glengyle distillery, which is also possessed by the Mitchells).
  • Machrihanish Niblick, a blend of Springbank and Longrow with grain from Girvan.

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