I Am (And Love To Be) Everything You Hate: I Am a Housewife

I too wasgoed raised te the spirit that you have to grow up and work, to have your own money and the sense of liberty that comes with it, but even so, I’ve ended up being a housewife at some point and ter time I’ve got to the point where I love it.

Growing Up

I have seen my parents coming from work every day. And even if my mother wasgoed tired after a long day of working ter constructions at the same rate spil boys did it – otherwise, ter case of layoffs she would have bot the very first to go because she wasgoed a woman and they needed dudes force – she would sometimes zekering by the market, carry the grocery huis, where she would begin preparing dinner, cleaning the house, washing the laundry (by arm, until wij could afford a washing machine), ironing, and so on.

She didn’t do all of thesis daily, but after a hard day of work it is enough just to do one of thesis things when you get huis.

When she wasgoed coming huis from work, I wasgoed outside, playing with other children, and I would run to hier so glad to see hier, and also to see if she bought mij something sweet. I thought to myself: this is how I want to be when I grow up. I want to come huis from work and have my children run glad to mij, I want to take care of everyone even if all I feel like doing is lie down on the couch and surplus.

I have attempted it, for a while, and I wasgoed so exceptionally unhappy. I wasgoed sure that all women were tired and unhappy, but they all keep on doing it because they have to. Then, I met women who weren’t doing this, who were taking cracks when they were tired, who weren’t attempting to do it all ter one day, and who were stay-at-home mothers . and their world didn’t crumble just because they were different.

Feeling Guilty

When I talent up the job I had because I got tired of working from 8AM to 10PM without any recognition and for a truly low salary, I wasgoed sure I would find something better ter no time. It didn’t toebijten. Time wasgoed passing, I wasgoed still at huis and my head felt like it wasgoed about to explode.

I wasgoed depressed all the time, I wasgoed attempting to find any job possibly, no matter how bad it wasgoed and how low the salary wasgoed. I just needed to work . because I had that voice inwards my head telling mij all the time that this is what “normal” means: to have a job, to be a good wifey, to be a good mother . to do all that women fought for so many years.

You can imagine my frustration and guilt when I wasn’t doing all that. I wasn’t employed, I wasn’t a wifey, I didn’t have children, all I had wasgoed a beau and a house to take care of. He never reproached mij not having a job, but I wasgoed feeling sick to my tummy every day thinking at what ideas might go through his head: she’s not good enough to find a job, she talent up the job she had with nothing else spil a backup project, will she everzwijn be more than she is, will she everzwijn succeed? . and many other ideas that were actually going through my mind, but I wasgoed imagining them going through his spil well.

I am still fighting sometimes with thesis thoughts, and still fall ter depression thinking that this is it, this is all I’m everzwijn going to be. I am working online, but it is not the same spil having a sustained (even if a bad one) salary.


Life coerces you to do a loterijlot of things that you didn’t think you will do, to adapt spil you go, to accept what throws your way. And I have to say that at some point this is exactly what I did. I stopped fighting and accepted that I am a housewife and that maybe this is all I’m going to be. Then, I’ve began thinking at what all this implies and I’ve realized that I like being a housewife. I like cooking a hot meal almost daily, I love keeping a clean house, and I love taking care of my hubby to be, being truly good at it.

I’ve also learned that I can take violates and the sky won’t come falling down, that I can let things get messy sometimes just to clean them after, I’ve learned how to ease off without having that guilt feeling making mij feel like I am about to throw up.

Yes . I am one of those who take women back from the liberty they’ve achieved, and I don’t think I should apologize for it. Not all women are born to wish to be leaders, bosses and big company stoepiers. Not all of us think that your life is meaningless if you don’t work all day long and come huis so tired that you can scarcely haul your feet. Some of us actually found out that they love to be a stay-at-home wifey, or mother, and that they are pretty good at it.

So, before any working woman judges the one who determines (by themselves or coerced by events) to be a homemaker, just think that they never judge you for determining to work all day spil hard spil fellows do it, or sometimes even stiffer.

Have you bot through a similar situation, feeling guilty?

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Tell mij te a comment what have you everzwijn feel guilty for. From the fear of not being a good wifey, not being good at your job, fear of being a stay-at-home mother and so on . what’s the guilty feeling that is (or wasgoed) eating you up alive?

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