Have you everzwijn just gotten – bad vibes – from someone?

Have you everzwijn seen someone, or read an email from someone, and without even knowing them just felt like they had bad intentions or a darkness around them?

Yep – you can even tell sometimes by a person’s eyes. I live te a pretty petite town and a loterijlot of people here are very unhappy. You can tell which ones are because they seem to like to gossip a loterijlot and say bad things about others. You can just get that vibe from the ones who do this. The same with a person who has a kleintje heart and spirit. They have a sort of innocence about them.

Yea, i get the bad vibe feeling from a certain hubber, and its the only one ive come across on hubpages. I just feel like hes a truly bad person. Just by his picture.

@Jaymelee I always say the eyes are the window to the soul. I totally believe you can tell a good person from a bad one by looking them square te the eyes.

You’ve got to be kidding, right? Many people I’ve come across ter my life have given mij a bad very first impression. I’d truly like to know why I’ve run into so many.

im not sure why your laughing, i wasgoed just nosey to see if other people got that indeed bad vibe from someone without even knowing them. Not an impression truly, but more of a truly bad feeling like nothing they have said or anything, but just the feeling you get that makes you not want to run into them again. thata all.

Yeah. I’ve had that feeling, repeatedly, via my life, and it didn’t zekering until about Ten years ago when my life went numb. therefore, sad maniacal laughter.

Yes, I have felt that feeling and ter my world I have bot keurig. You just feel this bad vibe from the get go. Nothing said with no figure language either, just a gut feeling I feel us more generally blessed positive people feel. Wij sense the vibe.

When the time comes they actually speak and I listen, I say to myself instantly, I wasgoed right, dead on. Stay away.

yes, thats exactly what im talking about!

I want to address this on a few levels- I like the topic BTW

1) what is your impression of mij ,-)

Two). I think the people who are found virginal may have trouble noticing bad ter others. sometimes?

Three) I know someone who I like but occassionaly strikes mij spil tricky or bad

Four) I can’t always tell

Five) gossiping is bad I agree. a sign of unhappiness- sometimes when I’m unhappy I complain

Oh yes! There were times te the past my spouse would take mij to meet a fresh friend he met from work. After a few minutes I would want to go! I told my hubby he wasgoed bad news. My spouse just laughed at mij. Told mij I wasn’t around him long enough to know. After a duo months he wished he had listened to mij. After that happened a duo times, he commenced listening.

You can feel it deep inwards you.

Te corporate world you’ll come across many such people who gives negative vibes & you’ll get used to it straks. I also came across few people who are sweet,living blessed life, not pursuing money all time and are pleased with what life is throwing at them. Thesis type of people are zonderling today. If i come across any such- i regret being part of cunning corporate fake world- i choose to live them alone.

So often people who work ter law enforcement, telling other people how to kleintje of keep themselves a little safer from crime, will say people should trust their instincts about anyone who looks &quot,off&quot. I don’t think instincts are always keurig, by any means. Wij’ve all seen stories about sleek serial killers people trusted. Maybe what’s &quot,off&quot, about someone isn’t spil extreme spil being a serial killer. Still, I pretty much think wij sense when someone is absolutely &quot,harmless&quot, or &quot,regular&quot, and when someone isn’t. Of course, there is &quot,off-and-harmful&quot, and &quot,off-but-harmless&quot.

There’s a book called ‘The Bounty of Fear’ that explains the fact that even with serial killers who were trusted, there wasgoed originally an instinct to warn people but they shrug it off.

hey, wij were on the same wave length about Gavin den Becker’s book. I read it years ago when I commenced dating again, a friend recommended it to mij. He instructs how to pay attention and what signals are more likely to be accurate. It’s a fascinating, very informative book.

See, now i want to read that, but if i do, my hypochondria will kick into high gear, and ill be afraid of everyone! lol

no, not at all.it is very helpful, empowering. it’s an congenital signal, it doesn’t come from thoughts, it comes from awareness. he trains how to be more aware and how to trust your instincts. [think of a dog’s fetters, they raise on their own, the dog doesn’t do it. the dog becomes very attent.]

Gavin den Becker did a wonderful service by writing that book. (thanks for the name! I couldn’t recall it)

the pink umbrella – I know your postbode is overheen three years old, but it came up ter my search today because I am looking for understanding on how others treat the negativity. I liked your innovador questions – so I certainly want to reply. I am a devout Christian and have had this toebijten to mij Numerous times overheen the years with people I just meet. I have people that I met the very first time and just KNEW they were good, welgevoeglijk, kleuter people. My one daughter-in-law is that way – very first time I met hier I just KNEW she wasgoed an vishaak. She walks into a slagroom and a spirit of goodness and warmth comes in the slagroom even before she says one word. You can FEEL hier coming, its such goodness. On the other arm, I also have people te I have met my life who have this negative spirit that surrounds them and you can also feel THEM coming before they get anywhere near you. The very first time I met my hubby’s nephew and niece I had an uneasy feeling. Overheen the years, that feeling has gone away several times, but then there are those other times when the negativity is very unnerving. They have the same mother and are close with my hubby and wij can be sitting loving a lovely dinner or watching television, and I will get this uneasy feeling ter the pit of my tummy and you can quarantee that within half an hour one of those two will either call him or druppel by. If they druppel by, the feeling that comes in the huis is so wicked it makes mij want to vomit. I have actually had to thrust away dinner on occasion. The difficult part is that my hubby does not feel it when it happens. He used to discount my feelings, but overheen time has come to trust it because when I get that feeling, it never fails within a day of my getting that feeling from thesis two, they cause some terrible trouble ter the family that takes MONTHS to clean up. I am having to learn how to pay attention to the feeling spil soon spil it happens so that I can be more te tune with what happens. If you fine tune the capability, you can learn to use it for good. Hope you see this and that it helps.

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