Toronto police warn of extortion on popular dating sites, CBC News

Victims asked to engage te compromising behaviours on movie talks

Toronto police are warning the public about an alleged online extortion scam using fake dating profiles to lure victims into compromising movie talks.

Police say that suspects are creating fake profiles on common online dating sites. They use other people’s photos and use locations to emerge close to their target — when they are actually from outside of Canada.

So far, there are four masculine victims.

When a victim initiates voeling or is contacted by the suspects, they engage ter what police describe spil &quot,age- and social- suitable social/flirtatious talks.&quot, The talks then become sexual, and t he suspects suggest the conversation budge to movie talk.

During the movie talks, the victim is encouraged to undress or engage ter sexual behaviours, police said. Merienda the victim engages te compromising behaviour te gevelbreedte of the camera, the movie talk will zekering.

The suspects then request money from the victim and said they would otherwise send the movie to the victim’s friends.

The suspects are said to reject to meet te person or defer the meeting, insisting on movie talks. They may also present fake photos or movies claiming to be the person ter the profile, police said.

Only the victims emerge ter the movie talks. The suspects research the victim using social media sites.


This type of online extortion has bot reported with enlargening frequency, police added.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, jointly managed by the RCMP, the Competition Bureaumeubel and the Ontario Provincial Police, also warned the public about what it dubs “sextortion.”

Victims are lured into an online relationship through social media or pornographic websites, they are then coerced into performing sexual acts ter vooraanzicht of the camera, the CAFC said.

The victims are then told the event wasgoed recorded and, unless money is paid, that the movie will be released through various websites like YouTube.

The centre said it is aware of two suicides te Ontario te 2013 directly linked to the extortion scam.

“Some consumers have suffered many emotional stresses ter their lives and being caught te this screenplay can be too much to treat,&quot, CAFC said te a bulletin.

Police encourage dating webpagina users to use privacy filters suggested by sites to protect their private information.

&quot,Everyone is reminded that, whether ter social interaction, or commercial buy/sell transactions, they should always verify the identity of an internet voeling te person before determining to trust that person,&quot, police said.

&quot,Merienda information is collective via internet-connected devices such spil smartphones, computers and tablets, it is unlikely to be retrieved or erased from the internet.&quot,

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