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Five Ways to Smooch a Dame

Chicks can be very confusing, you take them out on a date you both have a good time together talking away cheerfully all night laughing at each others jokes and on the walk huis they even let you hold their mitts.

Then you both stand talking away outside hier gevelbreedte ingevolge and spil you gawp lovingly into each others eyes, you stir your head a little closer to hier and closer until your lips are touching hier lips, then ontsteld out of the blue “Ewwwwww what do you think your doing” and the spank on the face that goes after nine out of ten times.

You walk back to your place wondering what you did wrong, what is wrong with you? Does your breath smell? I thought she liked mij, and so on.

Now before you read any further I vereiste state that I accept no responsibility for any smacks ter the face you receive. Strafgevangenis do I accept any admitido liability five years into your marriage, to the female you attempted my mechanisms on, when you klapper the divorce court.

I certainly accept no responsibility for any deeds taken against you by the enraged bf.

Ok now the disclaimer is out of the way wij can get on with it five ways to smooch a damsel.

How To Get Chicks To Smooch You

Make sure your breath is fresh, have a mint or use a breath drizzle and pucker up.

  • Five This technology will earn you more smacks on the face than any other, you see the doll walk right up to hier throw your arms around hier and plant one on hier lips. (This one sometimes works without incident because the lady is so shocked that she forgets to week you.) When she does recall to week you tho’ the week hurt rating is a clear Ten/Ten.
  • Four Pretending that you have something ter your eye mechanism is one of the most popular ways, she moves hier head closer and you budge ter for the kill. (Slapjes rating Five/Ten)
  • Trio Another pretend, you pretend that she has something on hier face, get hier to close hier eyes and you will eliminate it for hier, when she closes hier eyes you do the dirty deed. (Smack rating Five/Ten)
  • Two The easiest way to smooch a female is with hier consent, if you are a patient person the best time to get the consent of most women is Fresh years day, boring, I know but if you are that desperate for a smooch it is worth the wait, even if it is just a peck on the cheek. (Spank rating 0/Ten)
  • 1 This one is the one that I used most often ter my junior days and remarkably I wasgoed never smacked on the face, screamed at and none of the chicks that I attempted it with were everzwijn repulsed by it. it wasgoed always taken with the sense of humour intended by the smooch. You go up to hier point to your neck and ask “Do you like my fresh aftershave” spil she reaches hier face to your neck you turn your head and smooch hier square on the lips. The dame always laughs when you do this. (Smack rating 0/Ten)

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