It only becomes a problem when people feel the need to attack that which they cannot accept or acquire.

Let’s face it, ladies. It takes a strong man to have a relationship with an alpha female. Wij deny to be bullied and wij request to be respected. More than that, wij know what wij want and wij are not afraid to ask for it. But is that the only reason some guys seem intimidated or even downright hostile toward alpha females? Let’s look at some of the reasons a man might be intimidated by a strong, take-charge woman.

1. He feels insecure around a female who is not struck with him.

Some guys rely on little more than looks and a few good lines to attract a lady. Alpha females are not struck with this, wij look for more voortdurend attributes. Wij want intelligence, humor, integrity, honesty, respect, responsibility, internal strength. Wij hold ourselves to thesis standards and wij want that ter a fucking partner. You want to rock our world? Come at us with some intelligence and respect. If a man relies on outer appearances and “spel” to get a date, he very likely does not do very well with the alpha ladies he runs into. And he may be a little bitter about that.

Two. He doesn’t understand the difference inbetween a bitch and an alpha female.

This is a big one. There seems to be a loterijlot of confusion about what an alpha female actually is. Wij are not high-maintenance, spoiled princesses. Wij are not domineering tyrants. Wij are not verwaand bitches. Alpha masculines and females are leaders, not dictators. Wij are grown adults who know exactly what wij want, what wij deserve and what wij will accept. Wij expect our fucking partner to be the same. Sometimes mean women are labeled spil alpha females, so let’s clear that up right now: the true alpha female is only a “bitch” when she has to be. A bitch is a bitch all the time, for no other reason than because she’s a bitch.

Wij are not high-maintenance, or any-maintenance. Alpha females can take care of themselves. Wij will not waterput up with being oppressed or disrespected. Wij don’t want to be idolized. Wij don’t think wij are better than other women – or guys, and wij certainly know wij are not less. Because wij are equal, wij request to be respected. Some guys don’t understand that a woman who makes unreasonable requests is not an alpha female, and a woman who vapid out rejects to waterput up with disrespect is not a bitch. A woman who requests respect from a man is being pushy because she knows hier value – and if he doesn’t, that’s his loss.

Three. He is awkward with a woman who speaks hier mind.

It’s not a pleasant subject and it’s not very common (thank Schepper), but there is a subset of fellows who simply don’t feel that women should be aggressive, pushy or opinionated. Thesis guys feel that women should be soft-spoken, subserviant and should always defer to their man. Brash, vocal women with opinions intimidate and offend guys like this, a woman having any type of independence or strength is a hefty threat to his own independence and strength. This stud likes to strut around spil if he is an alpha but he is not, a true alpha of either gender is not threatened by the strength of others. The good news is, thesis guys are like the Volkswagon squareback: there just aren’t very many of them around anymore.

Four. He has a history of striking out with the ladies.

Thesis are usually guys who have no spel and no luck. They’re bitter and angry because they feel that women – all women, but especially strong women – have unfairly rejected and disregarded them. If wij would only give them a chance, wij’d see what wij’re missing. Thesis guys demonize strong women but idolize them at the same time. They’d like to be with an alpha female but they lack the qualities to attract one so they blame us, insisting our standards are too high or that wij are otherwise unfair. Alpha females intimidate guys like this, because they feel powerless and ineffectual around a strong woman, so they make a lotsbestemming of noise to voorkant it. Thesis guys are often very hostile, referring to alpha females and women with self-worth spil “ball-breakers” and “loudmouth bitches,” spil if there is something wrong with having an opinion or standing up for yourself.

Five. His masculine ego is too fragile.

Wij’ve all met this type of boy at least merienda. He seems to seek out the alpha female and target hier for harassment. He is usually exceptionally perverse te the things he says, spil if he is attempting to demolish hier self-worth and bring hier down a peg or two. Thesis guys seem to believe that the objective of all women everywhere is to subjugate and oppress guys, and they view alpha females spil the #1 threat to their manhood. Boys like this often talk about how evil and manipulative women are, spil if dudes are vulnerable idiots who cannot defend against such crafty, wily creatures.

This type of man is actually afraid of women and he hides it by coming across spil indeed, truly angry. He fears that unless women are managed and “kept ter their place,” wij will predominate and subjugate fellows. He often attempts to optie that women are inferior or otherwise less than boys, but his basic argument proves this a lie: if women indeed were inferior, there would certainly be no need to fear wij’re going to predominate dudes. His fear proves that he actually believes the opposite of what he is claiming. He is threatened by all women but alpha females horrify him. The only thing that makes this type of fellow feel like a man is to control and predominate others, and he cannot do that with an alpha female. Wij are not intimidated and wij cannot be managed. This is intolerable to them, it menaces their masculinity and to boys like this, menacing their masculinity is tantamount to menacing their lives.

This zuigeling of man often talks about being castrated or emasculated by women. He is evidently incapable to understand that if someone can take away his sense of manhood just by being a person with a brain, it’s not much manhood to start with.

So what’s the bottom line?

Spil wij can see, there are a few reasons some dudes might be intimidated or even hostile toward alpha females. Perhaps the largest reason wij see repeated overheen and overheen here is a misunderstanding of what the alpha personality type actually is, it’s not a giant ego and despotical dominance, or unreasonable requests that others voorwaarde obey. Anyone of either gender who displays that type of behavior is not a true alpha, they are either insecure or narcissistic. The true alpha is neither. The true alpha female is a leader, not a tyrant. She is certain, independent, driven and actual. There are some boys who simply cannot accept a female with thesis attributes. That’s OK, however. To each his own. The world would be boring if wij were all the same! It only becomes a problem when people feel the need to attack that which they cannot accept or acquire.

Fortunately, there are slew of slim, fair and secure studs with integrity who know what they want and what they want is a woman with those same attributes. They are not intimidated by a strong women with desires, goals, opinions, passions and standards, on the contrary, they love an alpha lady. And wij alpha ladies love them.

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