Do you feel that tattoos have become more acceptable ter society?

I still get stares from people due to my ink. I have bot under the tattoo gun 22 times. Spil the years pass I have noticed that more often than not the people staring comment on my ink ter a positive way. Your thoughts?

Absolutely. Almost everyone I know has at least one. I have two, a &quot,tramp stamp&quot, lower back that I love and another one just below my swimsuit line.

Very much so. When I lived ter CA, everyone had them, so I got fairly a few. Now that I’m ter NC, they aren’t spil popular, but since I work te the beauty industry, they are much more acceptable. I do get a loterijlot of compliments. Only one person has everzwijn dared to say she hated it — my (ex) beau’s mother.

Indeed? My son spotted an old man with a tattoo that he said looked like a &quot,faded grotesque wipe&quot, and wondered why considering the tattoos he witnessed on junior people. I told him that’s what happens to tattoos overheen the years spil the skin sheds cells and ages. I asked if he dreamed to get one. Not a chance ter hell, he said.

Yeah, society is switching, style is switching, and the way of thinking is also switching. There is no one immobile criterion to judge right or wrong ter style world, only based on whether you like or not. Tattoo is an kunst. Ter old days, rough guys already had tattoo, but absolute a taboo for women. So, I think that tattoo so popular today to everyone reflects the innovation of modern society.

My very first tattoo is harley wings ter the petite of my back. When I got it ter 1978, it wasgoed not known spil a &quot,tramp stamp&quot. I found it very apropos when the term came to be. Scooter tramp wasgoed a very common term for bikers back ter the day so it is fitting that I have wings ter that spot!

Becky Jo aka Inspired Hippy

I don’t have any tattoo but I don’t find anything wrong with people that have them. The problem comes merienda they get old. they commence looking less appealing, especially ter a woman.

Well I think that is awesome and looks cool.

I advised my own daughters against getting tattoos,(unnecessary to say they overlooked mij, totally), and went ahead.

Hey, I resemble that remark!

I got my tattoo when I wasgoed 23, and 15 years straks, I still love it and have no regrets.

Granted, I didn’t get one across my neck or something entirely too conspicuous, which are becoming more popular nowadays. But laser tattoo removal is also becoming lots more sophisticated, too.

I totally agree that using good sense around where you place your tattoo makes a ton of difference. The promedio person would not even suspect I had even a single tattoo. Location, location, location!

True! Spil with vivo estate, so with tattoos!

very first off there is many reasons to get tattoos i’m Nineteen and i have two i got very ill at on point te highschool and it wasgoed unkown what wasgoed wrong with mij and i went through a loterijlot of stuff i got a tattoo that wasgoed meaningful to mij and i want to have for the surplus of my life wrinkles and all and 30? thats a little too old to be getingconsent for anything why do you care so mhabout others bods its not yours and you only live merienda you learn from ur past and its up to that person to determine i love my tattoos and that will never switch just spil i would age your gonna age spil well and when ur old your gona be ugly and old or ugly and old with tattoos so either way it doesnt matter its not about style unless you know someones story or ur their parent worry about your kids and not others its not your assets so honestly i feel that people can express anything they want to regaurdless of where it is my tattoo is visable and peple love it and the story behind it but i dont care what people think!

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