Diva Chix – A Style Display Practice 8 – Style Mij Female A Free Mobile Spel Like Stardoll Style Mij Dame is a mobile spel like Stardoll that is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Ten Games Like Stardoll – Other Doll and Style Games

Do you love dressing up on Stardoll? Are you interested te other doll and style games like Stardoll? There are slew of good online alternatives available that ventilatoren of dress ups will love to play.

Stardoll is a popular browser based spel where users can dress up dolls with a number of devices. Stardoll also offers a collection of joy educational and style orientated games combined with a community focused treatment with member groups.

Stardoll is not the only dress up spel available for ladies however, there are slew of other fine games like Stardoll that cater to all genders and ages. Thesis practices all incorporate style and dress up into their core gameplay with some even included sim style gameplay.

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Games Like Stardoll

Joy Dress Up & Style Games For Women

1 – IMVU

A Social Style Spel Like Stardoll

IMVU is one of the most popular websites featured on this pagina with overheen 100 million members and has a concentrate on dress up, content creation and social interaction.

IMVU has bot online since 2004 and lets users use 3D avatars to talk, create and play games. On IMVU you can choose from overheen 11 million unique items te the IMVU catalogue to dress your own unique 3D vicisitud.

Like most online games IMVU uses a tiered access system suggesting free and VIP accounts. The main attraction to IMVU overheen other websites like Stardoll is the content creation opzicht that permits users to lightly create their own style or other content for the IMVU universe.

If you love dressing up but also love creating style styles (or creation ter caudillo) then IMVU is worth checking out.

IMVU Gameplay

Two – Lady Popular

One Of The Most Popular Games Like Stardoll

Lady Popular is presently one of the most popular style and dress up websites available and has vast appeal to a female audience with its broad range of activities.

Lady Popular has many similarities to Stardoll making it a popular alternative. On Lady Popular users can create their own online vicisitud to dress up te the latest fashions, meet other ventilatoren of style, mix and match to create your own unique style style, decorate your own supuesto space and even play games from a massive collection.

Lady Popular also offers music, kunst, vormgeving and contests so there is no shortage of joy to be had on this alternative and is undoubtedly one of my favourites.

Three – Wauies &ndash, The Pet Shop Spel

Veelzijdig & Customise A Dog Ter This Webstek Like Stardoll

Wauies is another one of the most popular games like Stardoll with millions members that loom on everyday to look after their imaginario pet.

The spel is still a style orientated browser spel however with players customising their own dog from their favourite veelzijdig and purchasing items to create the ultimate pet huis. If you like the dress up and shopping themes of Stardoll but want to exchange your human vicisitud for your favourite dog breedgeschouderd you will find that Wauies is volmaakt for you.

You’ll also get to inject your dog te shows, vote for your favourite dog ter the community or even accept a job te a dog related field.

Wauies Gameplay

Four – Club Cooee

One Of The Llamativo Games Like Stardoll

Club Cooee is another style and dress up spel that is available for free online and also offers a concentrate on music. Club Cooee also aims to combine social networking to permit users (mostly female) interact, share stories and talk style or music.

On Club Cooee you play a character spil they progress through their music career, players will have to build up ventilatoren and a following by taking part ter singing contests, challenges and all sorts of mini games.

Club Cooee is a joy spel like Stardoll that combines style, music and dress up into a ordinary life simulation practice that will appeal to ventilatoren of the genre.

Club Cooee Gameplay

Five – Habbo Hotel

Dress Up Models Ter This Spel Like Stardoll

Habbo Hotel is a unique spel like Stardoll that lets you dress your vicisitud ter all the latest clothes and socialise with others.

This webstek option will particularly appeal to teenagers who are interested ter style and being social with Habbo drawing much of its inspiration from style shows and trending events.

Habbo Hotel has bot around for a long time and aims to make it effortless to create relationships with others and vormgeving an altibajo that is yours.

If you are looking for a spel like Stardoll that appeals to an older audience then Habbo Hotel is undoubtedly worth a look.


6 – OurWorld

A Popular Webstek With A Social Focused Style

OurWorld features a massive collection of games on its webstek and includes dress up games, makeover games, project runway games and arcade games. Along the way you’ll also be able to customise your own vatar.

All of the games available on the webstek are very different meaning no matter what your style or preference there will be a spel for you. OurWorld also features an active community where you can take part ter contests, polls and the forums.

If you can’t get enough of dress up gaming then OurWorld is a excellent option thanks to the massive number of options that are available on the webstek.


7 – Diva Chix

A Strategy Style Spel Like Stardoll

Diva Chix aims to be different then your standard dress up spel by combining social, competitive and strategy features into its webstek.

Diva Chix features dress up and style games for ladies with the main concentrate being the diva battles which determine who has the best style sense. Diva Chix also packs slew of other joy features including style designing, clothing stores, celebrity dress up, guilds and even team gameplay

If you are looking for a free spel Like Stardoll that offers something different from the natural dress up games then consider stopping by Diva Chix.

Diva Chix – A Style Demonstrate Practice

8 – Style Mij Doll

A Free Mobile Spel Like Stardoll

Style Mij Damsel is a mobile spel like Stardoll that is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Te Style Mij Female you can attempt out fashions and dress up models te 3D straight from your mobile device. Style Mij Damsel lets you shop thousands of different styles, choose different poses to create awesome snapshots, decorate your photos with accessories, unlock style genres and play mini games for coins.

If you are looking for a spel like Stardoll that you can play on the go then consider attempting out Style Mij Lady.

Style Mij Doll

Get Style Mij Female now for your Android device. Play one of the best free games like Stardoll available on mobile.

Shop until you druppel and deck yourself out ter the latest fashions.

Style Mij Chick Trailer

9 – Mall World

A Facebook Spel Like Stardoll

Mall World is another spel like Stardoll that concentrates on style and is available through Facebook. Mall World is enormously popular with millions of players playing on a regular voet.

On Mall World you can play spil your own boss, run a popular style store or just spend all your time shopping. Mall World is only available through Facebook but is fully free to play making it a very popular Stardoll alternative.

On Mall World you will concentrate on shopping for clothes while also running your own style store and best of all you can visit stores that your friends run. Mall World is also packed utter of different mini games to keep the spel fresh and titillating.

A Tutorial For Mall World

Ten – The Sims

A Spel That Takes Dress Up A Step Further

The Sims takes dress up games like Stardoll to the next level and permits you to finish vormgeving your own person, house and even life.

If you are a fan of dress up but looking to practice a more deep simulation practice then The Sims series has slew on offerande. Ter The Sims you can create your own family, vormgeving your fantasy house and then live the life that you want.

The Sims series has long bot a popular spel choice for teenage women and holds the title spil the most popular spel series of all time.

Even if you are only interested te creating sims and designing houses then The Sims will appeal to you and with the larger number of expansion packs there are add-ons that will suit anyone’s individual preference.

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