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I’ve bot talking to this dude for about Four months now, stopped talking ter inbetween for a little overheen a month because wij weren’t on the same pagina. Anyway, I like him – he has a good personality and there is nothing about him that makes mij want to zekering talking to him. I’ve met up with him twice and both times I liked his company. Wij text every day, wij’re both open books, and there’s always something to talk about. Wij’re not afraid of opening up to each other, even going about very individual details te our lives, which I very much appreciate. He says plain things that make mij smile and sometimes I feel a bit of butterflies. However, here’s the thing… Even tho’ I loved his company ter person and wij got along, I wasgoed blessed, but I didn’t feel any sparks or the strong butterfly feeling. I think I’m panicked of getting into another relationship (my last relationship lasted for almost Four years), and the idea of committing to someone again appalls mij. I am content being by myself. Am I thinking too far ahead? Should I give it more time for my feelings to develop? He’s such a fine stud and he knows that I don’t want to be rushed, and he understands and respects that. I don’t want to mess this up. Any insights from you guys would be amazing ??

I think you are too far ahead and should give it more time, proceed to communicate with him about your fear spil well. Go on and on communicating and sharing. Establish a good friendship with him, a friendship with a touch of Maybe. Go leisurely, low pressure. And postbode here anytime you need mij to tell you to… slow down.

@anita – A friendship with a touch of Maybe. I love that. I will certainly come back on this thread if I have more concerns. Thank you &lt,Three

You are welcome, infralugel. Looking forward to your next postbode.

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