Four South Africans who were duped by online dating scams

After running articles on online dating scams and how criminals prey on emotions, an terrific number of readers came forward with their own tragic and sometimes costly practices.

News24 share some of them here.

So-called artist cons au pair of R120 000

The 55-year-old Alberton au pair wasgoed going through an emotional time te hier life when she believed she had met hier match on a well-known dating webpagina.

They chatted on Facebook for around seven months and he claimed to be an artist from London with two kids.

He claimed he wasgoed going to have an exhibition ter Cape Town but would very first be te Port Elizabeth where his container of kunst wasgoed, even sending hier confirmation of his flight tickets. She came to Cape Town to meet him.

“My total loss wasgoed R120 000, where he said he wasgoed robbed and required the funds to release the container. After that there wasgoed no more voeling from his side.”

She reported it to the Table View police station on April 28 but the scammer had not bot caught.

“The money is one thing but the largest harm wasgoed the emotional influence and harm that wasgoed caused, his voice is still haunting mij and the religious prayers wij did on a daily basis”.

Pretoria Paps under administration after losing R300 000

A 52-year-old Paps/secretary said she parted with R300 000 a while back after thinking she wasgoed paying for medical equipment to help supposedly ill people she had met on a popular dating webpagina. They claimed they were from the US and UK.

She transferred overheen information to police but felt their progress wasgoed too slow.

She also alerted the major banks but believed locals were working with scammers te exchange for a cut of the money.

“I have to waterput myself under administration this week because of this. I don’t even have money to waterput food on the table.”

A 39-year-old divorced mom with a son remains single and is too startled to look for love online after a scammer targeted hier on a Christian dating webpagina.

The Limpopo admin clerk, who works te the security services field, thought she had met a very charming man online.

He claimed he wasgoed divorced, dreamed kids and a loyal Christian living te Scotland. She became suspicious because his spelling wasgoed poor but sought the companionship.

After just a week, he desired to visit hier. Unluckily for him, he got his own life story confused and she asked him to zekering voeling. He reacted aggressively te his messages but eventually left hier alone.

“I have my son to think about and therefore hope to meet someone special the old-fashioned way.”

Preacher man defrauds KZN woman of around R170 000

A man claiming to be an American preacher managed to samenvatting around R170 000 from a Kwazulu-Natal woman before she realised he wasgoed not who he claimed to be.

He targeted hier at a time when she wasgoed enormously pasivo and weaved a complicated, believable story to draw hier te.

The outgoing, high-achiever had bot utterly lonely and determined to pay a membership toverfee for an online dating webpagina last year.

She wasgoed drawn to the preacher because his wifey had evidently bot killed te a car accident a few years before and had not dated since. She wasgoed soon deeply te love and had never experienced such happiness.

She continued paying money overheen for his emergencies despite hier family and friends warning hier it wasgoed a scam. Since then, she has bot waiting for the police to stir forward with hier case.

She fights with poor health and is paying off hier debt leisurely.

“By now, many people are judging mij. It’s okay. You have a right to your opinions. Yes, I wasgoed very stupid and believe mij, nobody is more embarrassed than mij, but it all happened so quickly that before you know it, you have given and given and given.

“You are trapped ter this addiction. I am still considering some professional assistance to help mij budge forward. Spil for Russell he will have his time to reaction to Heer.

“He proceeds to do things te the name of Heer and send mij bible verses to read etc. If he has scammed mij, then he will response. Maker will ensure that he is dealt with, especially if he is doing it ter God’s name. That comforts mij a bit.”

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