25 Lessons For a 15 Year Old Chick – Be More with Less

I used to have a list of 101 things I desired to accomplish te 1001 days. Then, I found other things I wished to do, and stopped working on the list. One of my undone 101 things, wasgoed to write a letterteken to my teenage self. Recently, Raam Dev wrote a some advice for his junior self and reminded mij that this wasgoed an significant task.

When I actually sat down and began writing, I realized that while I could have used the advice back then. I very likely wouldn’t have listened, but maybe my 15 year old daughter will.

Dear B on your 15th Bday,

I am so proud of the damsel you have bot, the person you are today, and the woman you will become. I hope one day, (maybe even today) that some of thesis lessons I’ve learned, will help make your journey even more powerful.

  1. Letting go is not the same spil providing up.
  2. If you find something that you truly love doing, learn it, master it. Don’t worry if you don’t stick with it however, because it will come back to you.
  3. A violated heart will hurt more than a violated arm. Don’t use it spil an excuse to love less. You determine if the pauze weakens or strengthens your heart.
  4. Love someone enough to make decisions that they might not like, even if that someone is you.
  5. Always act from a place of compassion and you will switch someone’s life.
  6. You are skinnier than you think you are.
  7. Sleep enough, you can play more tomorrow.
  8. Don’t worry if you don’t know what you want to be when you grow up. Just determine who you want to be today.
  9. Save some money. Compound rente is your friend.
  10. Heer will be there when you are ready and he is big enough for your questions.
  11. Build more relationships ter your neighborhood than you do on your laptop.
  12. Don’t wait until you are 40 to attempt eggplant and other foods that you think are weird.
  13. Eat more greens.
  14. If someone tells you something that you don’t want to hear. Listen anyway. Someday, you might appreciate the advice.
  15. Never waterput anything you don’t want the world to know, today or ter 50 years, ter writing.
  16. Your world is not the world.
  17. Laugh hard.
  18. Sob.
  19. Apologize.
  20. You can’t fix everything.
  21. Be kleuter to yourself. Treat your assets well, it’s the only one you get!
  22. Music indeed can make a bad day better.
  23. Credit cards never get you where you want to go.
  24. Going through bad stuff and spending time with bad people, makes you truly appreciate good stuff and good people.
  25. I am always here for you. Even when you think I’m not.


Incredible advice, courtney! I’m so glad my postbode inspired you to write this – I truly think this advice can help a loterijlot of people, youthfull and old. This type of advice never ages.

I truly liked #14, spil I’ve noticed that the few times ter my childhood where I listened to advice I didn’t want to hear, I zometeen looked back and realized how valuable that advice wasgoed – I just didn’t have the practice or perspective to appreciate it at the time.

Being a good listener, whether you want to be listening or even should be listening, generally has much greater benefits than not listening at all. Of course being a good listener also means wij should know when not to speak (or gossip). ??

Teenagers indeed need to realize this – “Never waterput anything you don’t want the world to know, today or ter 50 years, ter writing.”

It scares mij to think of what I might have said/done/written if the internet wasgoed like it is now when I wasgoed junior.

Fine list, Courtney! I would have loved to get advice like this! Especially like #1 and 24.

Good list Courtney! #11 seems especially relevant to teens-and the surplus of us-these days.

alyson dopfer says

You made mij sob!

What a brilliantly comprehensive list……if only all 15 year olds could listen to advice like this!!

I especially like no 6 (I voorwaarde have wasted days of my teenage years agonising overheen non existent fat) and no 11, it seems people can exist now without having any human contact…..

One more quick one:

Say thank you and genuinely mean it.

im myself a 15 year old, i often remain confused and depressed like most other teenage , and when i read this i felt like you magically came to know my inward thoughts and listed the solutions for them ter this webstek.i think every teenage should take a look at this and then see how their life converts.i don’t know how long i’ll keep thesis te my mind, but i can tell for sure that they had instructed mij to be a more satisfied individual………. ??

‘Letting go is not the same spil providing up’ this is very likely the best advice I’ve everzwijn heard. Thank you.

Fine list!! Some of them could be for boys spil well.

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