You are my huis 7.

Barbara has spent overheen forty years writing poems, lyrics, and sayings for cards, and interpreting the meanings and messages ter song.

Loving Hier isn’t Enough, Tell Hier

Be Loving, Be Mushy, Be Flamante, Be Yourself all While Telling Something Sweet to Your Gf or Your Wifey

Let’s face it, like every man, every woman is unique. However, most of us (of the female persuasion) appreciate qualities like, a sense of humor, sincerity, loyalty, appreciation, feeling loved, and ter many cases, a helping forearm.

Here you’ll find things to say that range from funny, loving, lovely and even slightly sarcastic! . but be forewarned, don’t use humor and sarcasm unless the situation calls for it.

Guys..wij indeed do feel for you, ’cause sometimes it’s hard to tell what to say and when to say it! Hmmmm. when ter doubt, just say something sweet and loving.

Let’s Embark with Eight Loving Things You Can Say:

1. Without you, it would be unlikely to face my day

Two. You peaceful my soul when I’m holding you

Three. You are what matters most to mij

Four. When I see you, I know why I’m here

Five. You’re a beautiful person and I’m a fortunate man

6. You are my huis

7. You have such a beautiful smile

8. Would you be my valentine everyday ’til the end of time

9. I can’t believe how much I love you, don’t tell anyone ok

Ten. If the world ended right now and you weren’t by my side, I would reject to diegene

11. You impress the hell out of mij, and that’s something no one has bot able to do everzwijn

12. How come you’re mine? It makes mij the smartest person on the planet

13. You are my gf, I am your bf, sounds so corny but I love corny

14. Smooch mij, hold mij, love mij, I’m so whipped

15. If I only had five more minutes to spend with you, I would spend those minutes te a smooch

Funny & Sarcastically Sweet Things You Can Say to Hier with Love

If she’s not into this kleuter of humor, you better skip this all together!

So your lady has a sense of humor, and you have a way of making hier laugh. well if that’s the case, go ahead and attempt some of thesis slightly sarcastic messages based ter love:

1. Spend everyday getting your pokes done..I’m good with that &lt,—maybe that’s true?

Two. Leave your private stuff all overheen the washroom, I don’t mind &lt,–maybe that’s true??

Trio. I’ll eat whatever you cook, no matter what it is *yikes*

Four. You’re not a complicated person (then burst out laughing)

Five. I love it when you give mij a to-do-list EVERYDAY..cough cough

6. Have your girlfriends overheen anytime all the time..yah I love that

7. When you diss mij, I know you love mij

8. Spend, Spend, Spend..spil

9. I don’t everzwijn want the remote. It’s yours forever.

Appreciation – The Sweet Things You Can Say to Vertoning Hier How Much She’s Appreciated

So she does so much, and you want to recognize that by telling or texting something sweet to voorstelling your appreciation:

1. I notice all the little things you do for everybody else, including mij..thank you

Two. Your thoughtfulness is what makes you stand out from the surplus

Trio. You’re such a good mother to the kids

Four. I see you waterput yourself last sometimes, but te my books you’re very first on the list

Five. Wij are all so fortunate to have such a loving soul te our lives

6. You are permanently providing, and it doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated

7. You work so hard for all of us and I want you to know that wij see what you do

8. You’re a excellent example of how to live life

9. I have never seen anyone give of herself the way you do day te and day out

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