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Tony spent several years working across Saudi Arabia te Riyadh, Al-Khobar and Jeddah where he met his wifey who has worked there for 12yrs

Traveling te Saudi Arabia

Saudia or Saudi Arabian Airlines is the main technicus of aircraft te Saudi Arabia, this Saudi Arabian Airlines review will give my opinions on this airline and the many online booking problems I have had.If you are working te Saudi Arabia and want to get anywhere quickly then flying is your best option. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is mainly desert, and the cities are separated by many hundreds of miles (or Kilometers if you like thesis newfangled measures.) Traveling ter the Kingdom therefore is best done by air, the countries main technicus being Saudi Arabian Airlines or Saudia spil most people call them here. I hope that this review of Saudi Airlines (Saudia) is helpful for you.

However at peak times it can be difficult to get a flight and you may have to drive, the following hubs can give you more information regarding this option, Saudi Arabia Travel, Saudi Arabia Driving, and Long Distance drives te Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Airlines safety movie

Saudi Airports

The main airports, Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam are quiebro modern and well maintained with all of the usual facilities. Smoking is not permitted, however the Saudis overlook this and smoke everywhere!

Internet access is on the entire not available, not even where they say it is te my practice. Food and drink is “OK”, but nothing to write huis about either, price wise it is a little more expensive than outside but not spil inflated spil te some airports.

Duty free shopping is generally more expensive than the shops outside, with no tax this is indeed just last minute shopping! But don’t expect to find a nice bottle of Gin for your beloved aunt!

Main International Airports ter Saudi Arabia

Riyadh Airport te Saudi Arabia

Jeddah Airport Saudi Arabia

Dammam Airport Saudi Arabia

Buy Saudia Toegangsbewijs Online

Online Booking your Toegangsbewijs for Saudia

There are many agents scattered around from which to buy your toegangsbewijs without any difficulty, most employ someone who has enough English to help you if you speak no Arabic.

Buying a toegangsbewijs ongezouten from Saudi Airlines on their webstek is recommended, however I still have never merienda bot able to do so spil the webstek has always failed whenever I have attempted to book. I have asked other people and some can book without problem but many cannot manage to accomplish the booking process through the Saudi Airlines webstek. Online booking albeit recommended is not always possible!

Saudi Airlines are now attempting to cut out the agents by charging them a toverfee which they have to pass on to the customer, therefore it is cheaper to book online, I just hope that they improve their system enough for mij to book next time I need them!

I have also had problems with using the machines te the airports to book onto the flight when not having to check my luggage, when the tickets have bot bought online by my company the machines do not recognize the codes on the tickets and I still have to queue to get my seat on the plane.

Landing te Riyadh

Check Ter – Saudi Arabia Airlines

Each airport is quiebro well built and designed, however check ter can be a agony te the posterior regions, especially te Riyadh.

Ter Riyadh they are far too slow and there are not enough check te desks, they suggest that you use the electronic check te machines to get your boarding pass if you don’t have any luggage to check but I have yet to make this to work for mij, I am advised this is something to do with having used an juut rather than booking onmiddellijk through Saudi Airlines.

The Saudis use their usual method of walking directly to the pui of the queue to argue with the guys issuing boarding passes ter an attempt to get seen quicker, ter some cases this works for them, especially if they have a friend that works there or a friend of a friend of a friend.. Most of the time it just makes things even slower and more difficult for everyone! Ter Jeddah I now go one better spil I truly do have friends (Saudi drinking mates) working there and get my boarding passes and luggage checked without being ter a queue at all, spil long spil they are on duty!

The electronic signboards are more often than not wrong, they will tell you which gate to depart from and you will depart from another, it can be finta confusing spil they sometimes “forget” to make announcements ter English and everyone else starts running toward a different gate!

The security checks are generally quiebro relaxed, people are friendly and things stir fairly rapidly just like any other airport. However please note that the ladies will have a separate route through all of their own to prevent embarrassment te pui of the boys.

Saudi Arabian Airlines Fleet

Onboard Saudi Arabian Airlines

The planes are reasonable, a few minor maintenance issues such spil TV’s that don’t work or have no sound for long haul flights. Recliners that fail on the seats that mean you either cannot recline or you have no choice but to! I have even found incorrect cushions on the seats meaning that you are sat on an incline (I used to work for a seat manufacturer, I spent a few minutes on one flight interchanging all of the cushions te my row on the plane until everyone wasgoed sat “flat” and cozily!)

The food is OK, nothing special but it is at least edible and identifiable spil being food. Most Saudis are fairly requesting to say the least so they have to make sure that things are passable at least spil they will complain quiebro bitterly.

Being seated on a Saudi plane can become interesting, some Saudis will just take any seat spil it is “their” airline, they will attempt to take the best locations even if they have not bot allocated them on their boarding pass, a long suffering Indian or such like will have no chance of moving them if it is their seat! Otherwise minor arguments can arise inbetween Saudi’s the displaced one insiting to be moved to business class rather than having the other moved and so on – I am glad that I don’t work on thesis planes!

Segregation of the Sexes on Saudi Airlines

The other problem on houtvezelplaat is women, Saudi women will only want to be sat next to their family or other women, anything else is unacceptable. This can lead to a lotsbestemming of seat shuffling before departure spil no allowance for this is made when allocating the boarding passes.

Gratefully this can be a brief process spil on many of the flights the number of women travelling is very puny, however I have seen women leave the aircraft spil they cannot sit alone!

Te one incident, there wasgoed a woman that wasgoed made to stand for some time while they attempted to find a seat on a utter plane, the air stewardess spotted a row with a Filipina woman with a petite child sat on a seat and ordered the Filipina to sit the child on hier poetslap so that the other woman could sit. The Filipina began to complain that the child wasgoed entitled to a seat but wasgoed incapable to produce a boarding pass to voorstelling spil such, the stewardess wasgoed very rude to hier and made hier take the child, sitting the lone woman there. A phone call zometeen, the efectivo mother of the child appeared, the Filipina only being the maid, the mother having bot sitting te peace with hier spouse at the other end of the plane. At this point it seemed that all out war erupted spil this woman screamed and shouted at the stewardess and the poor woman that had bot seated te hier child’s place!

Dammam Airport Saudi Arabia

The worst airport ter my mind wasgoed Dammam airport, the very first time I arrived there wasgoed for an international flight, my internal flight wasgoed delayed by overheen an hour due to a storm, which wij bounced around te to the tune of people throwing up for an hour before being permitted to land. I guessed that our ongoing flight would also be delayed by the same storm but time wasgoed still going to be brief, so wij looked on the houtvezelplaat and headed straight for the indicated gate.

Wij arrived there at the opposite side of the airport and it wasgoed deserted! So wij asked, the person wij asked looked at the houtvezelplaat and said it wasgoed right, wait there, so wij asked someone else, they took us back to where wij had began and shoved us through an entrance next to where wij had come ter, the security check and passport control area which wasgoed totally packed with people queuing.

Wij were asked which flight and were directed into a queue that wasgoed neither moving strafgevangenis had anyone ter the kiosk to check the passports! Wij stood here for a few minutes reassured by the fact that others te this queue were on the same flight. Until someone commenced asking te Arabic for all of the people that were on our flight to budge to a different queue, which wij all promptly did. The very first person went to the kiosk to have their passport checked, there wasgoed a problem so the man te the kiosk disappeared, minutes passed, more minutes passed, our old queue wasgoed now open and moving – rapidly! Our flight wasgoed now “boarding” and no one wasgoed letting us through, so I asked, they looked confused, they wandered off!

Eventually they called us to yet another kiosk and split the line to stir us quickly through but it wasgoed a schertsvertoning!

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