Online dating tuinslang: A handy guide to keep you ahead of the spel

DO YOU know your ghosting from your benching? Here is the ultimate dating waterslang you need to know.

Online dating waterslang: Wij’ve created the ultimate guide

Understanding all the acronyms ter the online world is no effortless task, but just because you don&rsquo,t understand the meaning behind them doesn&rsquo,t mean you are not accesible with the latest dating practices.

People have found fresh creative ways to refer to old dating habits, so if you frequently ask yourself, &ldquo,What is ghosting?&rdquo, this is the place for you.

Wij have compiled this no-nonsense list of dating lingo to spare you from googling that obscure text message.

Here is what you need to know to be ahead of the spel.

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BAE: Your fucking partner or love rente. Abbreviation for &ldquo,before anyone else&rdquo.

BENCHING: When someone you&rsquo,ve bot eyeing keeps their distance but still sends the occasional flirty message. Benching means keeping a ondergrens amount of voeling while you figure out if you are actually interested te the other person or not.

BREADCRUMBING: The latest term for benching. Keep them interested by leaving a trail of breadcrumbs. Also known spil &ldquo,on the hook&rdquo.

CATFISHING: This term has bot around for a while now, and has bot popularised by MTV showcase Catfish. A catfisher is the person who pretends to be someone they are not, particularly online.

A catfisher pretends to be someone they are not

CUFFING SEASON: The winter months when serial singles look for a fucking partner to cosy up to and love their time indoors.

DTR: When you find yourself asking, &ldquo,Where is this going?&rdquo, or, &ldquo,What are wij?&rdquo. DTR is the acronym for &ldquo,define the relationship&rdquo.

FBO: To make your relationship Facebook official.

GHOSTING: Dubbed &lsquo,the most brutal budge te dating&rsquo,, ghosting is when the person you have bot dating stops answering your calls or replying to messages. They vanish, like ghosts, with no explanation.

Jelly is online sproeier for jealous

IRL: An acronym that goes beyond dating and has bot around for decades, it simply means &ldquo,te vivo life&rdquo. Used to describe the ogenblik you eventually go on a date face-to-face.

JELLY: Tuinslang for jealous. Also often abbreviated spil jel.

LAYBY: The person you casually see while you look for better options.

When you little by little zekering communicating with the other person you are ‘slow-fading’

TEXTUAL RELATIONSHIP: When you geflirt and confide ter the other person via text messages without meeting face-to-face.

SLOW-FADE: When you little by little zekering communication with the person you have bot dating, waiting longer and longer inbetween messages. Similar to ghosting -no explanations- but ter slow-motion.

ZOMBIEING: Back from the dead. When the person who ghosted you gets back ter touch spil if nothing happened.

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