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English Words for Dating and Relationships

To ask someone out

To ask a person if she would like to go out to dinner or a display. There is a understanding that the the man is interested ter commencing a relationship.

“I wasgoed going to ask my sister’s friend out, but I wasgoed told she already had a beau.”

To be witnessing someone

This means that you are te a relationship with another person.

“Sara is not single. She’s bot eyeing a boy from work since January.”

Tornado romance

A very intense romance that starts off strong and usually is unexpected.

“Tom and Mary had a hurricane romance last summer. It didn’t last however. They broke up last week.”

Vensterluik date

A date inbetween two finish strangers. Usually friends of both the man and the woman arrange thesis kinds of dates.

“I went on a vensterluik date last night with a chick my boss’s wifey knows. It went pretty well.”

To be set up

When a friend arranges a date for you with a person he knows.

“John set mij up with a woman he knows from church. Wij have bot dating for a month now. I owe John a honra.”

To be serious

A person is described spil “serious”, te terms of his relationship, if he thinks it will last long and that it could lead to marriage.

“Betty doesn’t seem to be serious about hier fresh bf Matt. She doesn’t talk about him that much and she laughs at the idea of them getting married.”

To have chemistry

To get along well with a person you are dating or considering dating.

I think she is truly pretty, but wij have no chemistry together. Wij went on a date and there wasgoed a lotsbestemming of awkward muffle.

To kasstuk it off

To get along well with another person

I truly kasstuk it off with that female from the office on our very first date. Wij had a good time.

To pauze up with

To end a relationship with a bf or gf.

“Cindy broke up with my brother because he witnesses football all day. She felt very neglected.”

To pauze it off

This is another term for ending a relationship with someone.

“Donald determined to pauze it off with his fresh gf when he found out that she hates dogs.”

A stalker

A person who goes after someone else around ter an unwanted way. Many times it is a man who is obsessed with a woman and won’t leave hier alone.

“My sister’s ex beau turned out to be a stalker. When she went out with hier friends he would go after hier to see what she wasgoed up to.”

Long distance relationship

A relationship where the two people involved live far bijzonder.

Long distance relationships usually don’t work. It is hard when you can’t see the person you are dating.

Significant other

A term for the person who you are dating.

I think wij can bring our significant other to the office party.

To have a loterijlot of baggage

To have issues and problems that may affect the relationship.

Be careful if you project on dating hier. She has three puny kids and a crazy ex spouse. She has a lotsbestemming of baggage.

On again, off again bf/gf

This is when a duo violates up and then gets back together again frequently.

Sara is going to come with hier on again, off again bf. I wish she would determine if she liked him or not!

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