8 Types of Girlfriends You Should Pauze Up With

Agathe has an rente ter the way people form a relationships and how attraction inbetween two people happens. Stay tune for more.

Okay, gf is awesome. But staying ter a toxic relationship? Not so. Te fact, you should steer clear from it. Single life can be awesome too. Perhaps, you’ll get a chance with a better damsel. What’s the point of making you suffer? She is not the only one anyway. But it’s your choice if you want to stay te the relationship. But you only live merienda so isn’t it better to love life? Some of you are very likely considering to pauze up with your dame, but you aren’t sure. Well, if your gf is any of thesis, it might be good to consider cracking up. Te the end, the choice is up to you!

Are you blessed te your relationship?

1. The Controlling Gf Who Won’t Let You Love Your Life

Okay, at very first, everything’s ideally fine. She is nice – all sunshine and everything. Months go on and you find yourself stuck with hier. She abruptly forbids you to do stuff. Plain stuffs like stringing up out with your friends on weekends. You’re barred to meet your parents. You’re supposed to go straight huis after work. You vereiste do every activity including hier. It’s terrible but if you don’t listen, she will get mad. Let mij tell you one thing. You don’t want a woman telling you what to do your entire life. It’s understandable if she forbids you to do stuff that danger you. But if she is controlling with no reason? You better back out. Well, if you are the type of person that has the ‘your gf is everything’ principle then I’d say go for it. By the way, if you pauze hier trust, I’m not astonished that she turns controlling. If that is the case, then it’s your fault to start with.

Two. That Clingy Woman Who Stuck To You 24/7

Wij all know that duo who is always together, 24/7. Whenever you drape out with bros, she is always there. Like, it’s supposed to be guys’ night out. Is that so hard to leave your female? Well, some chicks want to do everything together but still, everyone needs their space. You can’t be together 24/7. You should be worried with how little your gf puts hier trust ter you. You should also be worried with the fact your gf doesn’t have a life outside of you.

Wij are more deudo with the idea that man cheats more often – what with their hormones and all. But don’t generalize! Women cheat spil well. It’s not only fellows. I often see women who cheat on their playmates. Okay, she is unhappy te a relationship but that doesn’t mean she can go have an affair with someone else. Ter a relationship, you’re supposed to figure things out. Also, do I need to say more? If she cheats on you then just leave. She’s not worth your time. Of course, forgiving hier is an option but someone who cheats is most likely to do it again.

Four. The Gf Who Consider You To Be The Alternative

She says she loves you. But then she says she wants to pauze up. It’s an on and off relationship. Whenever she has no one, she looks for you. When she’s out there, having the time of hier life? She doesn’t even recall you. It’s an on and off relationship. You just keep coming back whenever she says she wants you back. You don’t even know why. Well, you know what? Don’t go back. You’re just an alternative when everything goes wrong.

Five. The Materialistic Gf

I’m pretty sure the gold digger is the one you should pauze up with. Very first of all, you’ll be broke te no time. 2nd of all, she doesn’t love you, tops. This type of a dame is only after your money. She loves your money and she knows fully well how to control you. You always give hier everything because you love hier. She relies on you financially. When she asks you for that fresh Channel bag, you buy it without hesitation. You’re afraid she will leave you if you don’t. Well, imagine if there’s a fellow with more money than you. I’m pretty sure she’ll pauze up with you without 2nd thoughts. She doesn’t love you. Relationships are about finding the one you love, right? What’s the point if she doesn’t even love you? Ter a relationship, there vereiste be a give and take. The dame should also contribute something to the relationship – not you alone.

She’s always, always overreacting. It’s a petty matter but she just won’t zekering complaining and rolling hier eyes at every single thing. She’s always complaining about this and that. She won’t zekering gossiping about this one chick he doesn’t even know. Hier life is total of stuk – way too much schouwspel than you can treat. If you can treat the schouwspel, I’d say go for it.

7. The Overly Jealous Gf

Jealousy can be adorable but when it’s too much? It’s just plain annoying. “Where are you right now?” She’d ask, followed with a, “Send mij a pic.” When you talked with some random woman, somehow she knew. You didn’t even know how. It’s not even a big overeenkomst. It’s just a casual talk. When you’re assigned a project with your coworker who is a woman, she gets mad. It’s not like you can control it. Anyway, she gets jealous way too often. Well, attempt talking things out or you can pauze up. Isn’t it annoying to be managed by someone? The choice is up to you tho’.

Wait, an abusive gf? Yes, it can toebijten. Nope, it doesn’t mean the man is weaker. It means the man is a señor who won’t hurt his lady. The abusive gf is abusive, both emotionally and physically. She makes you feel pitiful by insulting you often. She makes joy of you whenever you do something wrong. It’s not done ter a joking way. She’s sneering at you. Also, she blames you for everything. When you attempt to confront hier about something, somehow you become the one who’s wrong. She’s good at getting the sympathy of others spil well. Oh, and sometimes she hits you when she’s too frustrated. She’s also good at manipulating others and she’s very likely manipulating you too. Well, if your gf acts like this, you better pauze up with hier. You deserve someone better.

Ultimately, it’s the man’s choice to stay te a relationship or not. But if your gf falls under the category of the above, it’s better to pauze it off. Ter the end however, who am I to judge? By the way, if you are interested with the masculine’s version, you can check out my other article.

So, there you go! Is your gf any of thesis? No? Yes?

Is your gf any of thesis?

If your bf is any of thesis, you better call it abandon. See if your bf falls under one of thesis types!

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